Kim Rae-won, Namgoong Min and Search engine marketing In-guk's transformation

Kim Rae-won, Namgoong Min and Search engine marketing In-guk's transformation

Actors who have made this type ofgiantinfluence amongst one more or lesspersonality are bound to feel confused in the following one. So it is notsimple for one to make a transformation.

- Bloodless equally ice yet transforms into a warm guy, "Doctors" Kim Rae-won

Kim Rae-won seemed as a sturdy lineament in the drama "Punch - Drama" a year ago.

He was oncea chilly hearted and self-assured investigator who changed into after diagnosed with brain tumor. He was as charismatic as Jo Jae-hyeon who was his enemy.

Now, Kim Rae-won is Hong Ji-hong in the drama "Doctors". He expressed his love to Yoo Hye-jeong (Park Shin-hye) with beautiful and warm words. In the fourth episode of the drama, he asks her, "Did you get married? Do you've a boyfriend? Then that is OK".

- Goodbye Nam Gyu-man with the bad temper, Hello Namgoong Min in "Beautiful Gong Shim"

Namgoong Min starred in the SBS drama "Remember" as the inheritor of a significantstaff named Nam Gyu-man. He was a brief tempered guy who would dedicatehomicide to get what he wants.

Namgoong Min was chilling adequate for other folksto mention just having a look at him gave them goosebumps. Nam Gyu-man was parodied all over and he even seemed in "SNL Korea".

Three months later, Namgoong Min is gambling Ahn Dante in "Beautiful Gong Shim". He's a bright character with a vulnerable spot for love.

- From gentleman to horny fraud, Seo In-guk in "38 IncomeSequence Unit"

Seo In-guk starred in the KBS 2TV drama "Remember You" final year as a profiler. In MBC "Master's Sun" he was head safety Kang Woo and in tvN "Answer to 1997" he was a pass judgement on named Yoon Yoon-je.

He's at all times been the goody-two-shoes sort but this time in "38 Profit Collection Unit", he is a gorgeous fraud named Yang Jeong-do. He is handsome, sensible and fast to think.

The 8th episode of "38 Revenue Collection Unit" last weekend rated 4.7% which is the maximum productive in all of OCN history. They say it is allthank you to Seo In-guk who turns out to have met the biggest character of his life.