Hyorin puts apart her busy time table to save a life

Hyorin puts apart her busy time table to save a life

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith SISTAR just having released every other hit song with I love That, the crowdcontributors are all busy with packed schedules. 

However, workforce member Hyorin, whose known for being probably the mostbest animal-lovers in Korea, showed her worryingcenter and love for pets through taking the time to assist a kitten in need. In line with reports, after finding that solo singer Baek Ji Youngs manager had discovered a lost and injured kitten, Hyorin couldnt sit down by without making certain it was once okay.

After hearing about the lost kitten and its fitness condition, Hyorin called the chief at 11PM and rushed to the hospital. For the explanation that kitten had a one damaged leg at the aspect ofsome other leg with dead nerves, Hyorin agreed to pay for its surgery, or even tended the the cat for all theevening after the operation regardless of having an early morning globalagendathe following day. Upon coming across Hyorins type act, fans couldnt prevent showering her with praise.

Check out this glorious clip of Hyorin fiddling with her own cats on popular show I Are living Alone:

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