Spoiler "Happy Home" Kim So-yeon resents Lee Pil-mo, why

Kim So-yeon resented Lee Pil-mo.

Bong Sam-bong (Kim Young-cheol) discovered out about Yoo Hyeon-ki's (Lee Pil-mo) illness.

Bong Hye-ryeong (Kim So-yeon) hears from SEO Ji-gun (Lee Sang-woo) that Bong Sam-bong found out.

She told Yoo Hyeon-ki, "My father was once out of achieve without a word. He feels betrayed by way of his son-in-law. It never gave the glance of he become going to forgive yet he sought afterto soak upthe fellow he concept was his son-in-law".

"But that son-in-law is in deficient health and how do you have confidence you studied he feels? I assumed you were never going to discover out. You statedyou were not going to make my circle of relatives suffer again".

Yoo Hyeon-gi walked away to appear for Bong Sam-bong.