Seventeens New Song Video Is Very Nice And extremely Energetic

Seventeens New Song Video Is Very Nice And extremely Energetic

On July four at 1 am, an excessively upbeat and lively MV was once released bySeventeen, which sparked a massive number of excitement some of the fandom. The name of this song is 'VeryNice'. ANDthe title is a scoreyou'll give the song as well.

Under one week of freeing the video, it has already had more than1,000,000 viewsand even bumped an build up in the fandom with new comers commenting and announcingthat they've been converted. Yet who would not existswitched overthrough thisvery niceupbeat sound and melody of the song. The song merits to have the 100,000,000 and more views. Songs like this don't appear to bewithout problems made or found.

Take a glance atTrack Video below:

Now what in point of factoccurs in the music video is plenty ofremarkable choreography andaegyoscenes. The lads accept a more classy, grown up glance since they are dressed in white shirts with suspenders. Informalgarments were also worn in other scenes involving them chasing after a girl. The music video most commonlyconcerned our boys following the prettywoman and finishing up with their hearts exploding into confetti as a result of her, literally.

The song,itself, is a a phase of the re-packaged album 'LoveLetter' and it's faracknowledged that5 new songswill be added to thisalbum. Unfortunately,Wonwoowon't be joining the participants in the promotions because of his health.

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