Someone Call the Firemen! Cuz NCT 127 brought the Fireplace Truck!

Someone Call the Firemen! Cuz NCT 127 brought the Fireplace Truck!

NCT Uis back with..... waitNCT 127? Wait, what?!....

("Alright nobodyup to date me on this. You, what is your name, Sarah? Who chose this, SM or the fans?" "SM...Of course".. "Ok, thank you". *Flips throughscript* "Alright then, here we go"...)

NCT 127is back or debuted, no one knows, withFire Truck.

Looks likeDoyongdisappeared for thisMV, butSMbrought in 2 new members,HaechanandYuta. Are the guys dressed in 50's clothes, whilst wearing that heavy quantity of makeup? OK I'lllet that slide, yet whats with the bizarreinstall too, in truththe onesgarmentsstay distracting me. Anyway...

TheMVshows the guys status around a little woman and ruining her sandcastle she built. This sets the theme for the complete video. The video then shifts to this girl in school, just a little older, and the guys getting intothe learn about room and causing a disruption. This is going on all through her lifestyles in quite so much ofeventualities in the video. At the finish of the video, it displays her as an old girls in the home and a little boy outdoor and the guys beginningto collect around him. So here's what I mean by skill of the bizarre setup

But otherwise, this song is so awesome and extremely bright and colorful. It grabs your eyes with the flashing lights, just right looks, and dance moves. The choreography is solely amazing and so forth point. But it surely catches your ears with the cool beat and music. I'm hoping y'all all experience this newMVbyNCT 127. Please toughenthose guys. With what I have seen, I'mcertain there are more wonderful songs andMV's to come

Let us know what you take into accounts this video and the hot additions to the crowd AND the call change, in the comments below.

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