Spoiler "Beautiful Gong Shim" Minah helps to keep her distance from Namgoong Min

Minah discovered out Namgoong Min used to be Joon-pyo.

On the episode of the SBS drama "Beautiful Gong Shim" on the 10th, Dante and Joon-soo held hands. Joon-soo determinedto prevent Tae-cheol from doing more bad things and told Dante he would help.

Joon-soo lied to Tae-cheol and said, "I know my mom's concerned amongst Joon-pyo's kidnap. I can cooperate with you". Tae-cheol changed intoglad and planned to dispose of Dante. Dante took a toothbrush from Tae-cheol's room and said, "I am going to verify the DNA with the DNA from Joon-pyo's clothes".

However, Dante knew Joon-soo would take a faux piece of clothing.

Gong-shim's father found out his daughter and Dante were dating and teased them. Gong-shim went to the medical institution where his father was to take him anything he left at the back of and overheard Soon-cheon and Dante talking. She heard about Dante's secret at birth.

In the evening, she met Dante and said, "It would had beengreatonce you told me this before. I suspect I wish to sleep on it". The following day they bumped intoeach and every other outdoor and Dante asked her to visitpaintings with him yet Gong-shim became him down.

Meanwhile, Dante called his buddies and made it seem like his father came visiting and Joon-soo told Tae-cheol this. Tae-cheol got here running to the health facility to harm Dante's father.