Korean Kids Have Stars in Their Eyes

Korean Kids Have Stars in Their Eyes

More and more children aspire to a showbiz career, placingforce on oldsters to pay for categories so they are in a position to go into abilityturbines like JYP, SM and YG.

The companies' weekly auditions bring out long lines of hopefuls.

Most auditions finish without any proficiency being spotted. Yet stage-struck kids are unfazed, and anyplace from 2 hundred to three hundred of them line up each and every time.

They take personalmaking a song and dancing classes that fee their fogeys up to W700,000 just to pass the auditions and get authorised as trainees (US$1=W1,165).

There are some 1,000 talent agencies in Korea, but simplest seven are a successample to generate over W10 billion in annual revenues.

So many wannabes finally end up in small agencies, and less than one out of eachone hundred stand a possibility of a debut, let on my ownturning into a star.