Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 18

Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 18

Jun and Yeon-hee in brief accept an stress-free fourth dimensionat the run. Well, all right, being on the run by capability of definition cannotin reality exist enjoyable, yet they do have some great flashbacks or evenset upto hang hands. Daw. Alas, it does not take long for the plot to catch up to them again. Once separated, Yeon-hee utterly loses her marbles and is going on a miles welcomed rampage. And because there are still two episodes left, Jun has to speak her out of it for some incomprehensible reason.

How time and again has any person been appropriate on the cusp of murdering Hong-joo most effective to backtrack at the remaining minute? Part a dozen? A dozen? I cannot eventidestaytune anymore. It isdifficult to accept as true with that long ago in the primary episode, when Hae-ran's latent powers were unlocked and therefore used to terrify every person in the close by vicinity, that scene used to beif truth be told visually striking and terrifying. Hong-joo herself looked totally freaked out. Now? It be simplyindustry every bit usual.

Even the drama's imagery, one of its few prime points, is regularly used to incomprehensible purpose. The public members of the family turn opposed to Yeon-hee invokes Eu witch-hunting imagery, but make no sense in a Korean context. Hong-joo and Hyeon-seo are known magic users. The cliffhanger explicitly comes to the use of Hyeon-seo's ancestral fireplace powers. Why is their magic excellent and Yeon-hee's magic bad when Yeon-hee saves lives and they just kill people?

Advertisement Perhapsthis is becausethey have gotget admission to to a printing press and Yeon-hee doesn't. That, among other things, is the solereason whyI could beready torecall to mind why folksare not horrified that Hong-joo has any affect at all when she turned intoshown to be the sponsor to a serial killer. Incidentally, Seol-gae escaped from prison at some point. I mightbitch about this excluding that"Mirror of the Witch"is at the point where off-screen legal breaks are a choice of the less incredible things that happen.

Notice, by the way, how lots of the implausibilities I talk about makenot anything to do with magic, no less than directly. The issues in"Mirror of the Witch"are entirely the outcome of its characters acting like idiots to pad for time. I can not flush feel sorry for Yo-gwang- he was the 1stuserto noteanything was wrong with Hyeon-seo but time and again he failed to even warn anybody, let by myselftry and solve the issue proactively. Whatever Yeon-hee's curse is going to allegedly do, it can't most likely be much worse than what we have already seen.