Film Review 'Our Dating History'

Film Review 'Our Dating History'

Last week in my review of"The International of Us"I implied that empty soju bottles are in maximum cases shorthand for an abusive low-class patriarch. This was once misleading. They are alsoanother equallycommon shorthand fordepression, no less than when it issuessufferingcontributors of the reflective bourgeoisie. Such is the case in"Our Dating History"for aspiring moviepros Yeon-i (played byJeon Hye-bin) and Seon-jae (played byShin Min-chul). They married impulsively, they divorced impulsively, and will have to for the instantare living in the similarcondominiumwhilst drowning their vocational sorrows with fruit pouch soju.

I did not evening realize there has beenone of these thing as fruit pouch soju till watching"Our Dating History", despite the truth that ITtruly is the very best counterpart to soju bottles. The metaphor is so elegant- alcohol for the consumer thatneeds to get drunk, yet does now notwish to do in order an adult. It is the ideal drink for Seon-jae, who has rather meekly acceded to Yeon-i's call for for a divorce when either still have combined feelings.

It's even greater for Yeon-i herself, who continuously tries to galvanize Seon-jae for reasons even she does notcompletely understand. Yeon-i has an excessively abrasive personality that is rather missing in charm. When Yeon-i wants to take a shot at someone, she just does it without thinking much of the consequences. While in a more romantic film this would be an idealized trait,"Our Dating History"makes it transparent that married or now notit truly is not at all simple to get in conjunction with Yeon-i, and she's the foremostevident culprit for why the couple's film projects never appearto move anywhere.

Advertisement Thoughusually presented as a loopy ex-girlfriend, Yeon-i is nearlyat all times the point of view character. This provides the ordinaryimpact that Yeon-i is the villain of her own existence story. And yetYeon-i, even thoughregularly anti-self-reflective, never veers all of the way to explicitly unlikable because she is fully acutely conscious of her own jerkish behavior. For that subject Yeon-i is alsofairly resigned to inevitable failure, nearlyas though it's a sort of karmic retribution.

Everything turns out to take place backwards in"Our Dating History". Yeon-i and Seon-jae's unsatisfied divorced life would not feel any other than their almost certainly unsatisfied married life did. Proluck comes quickly, and slips extraand additional away as interpersonal war wrecks the relationships Yeon-i and Seon-jae have with other people. The tone is so fatalistic that even the initial optimism feels, in retrospect, rather horribly misplaced.

The same may also be written of the film's own duality- writer/director Cho Seungeun appears to be arguing that for a cussed tenacious lady like Yeon-i, or for a guy like Seon-jae in thrall to her, only absolute failure is ample to lead them tosurrender and get started over from square one. While it's an uncongenial and ego-killing step to make, it is howeverperson whomust be made."Our Dating History"is in a position to get just slightly enough light uncomfortable laughs out of this inherentlyawkward set-up to save youthe tale from being depressing. Although even then, it's never relativelyin fact uplifting.