Park Shin Hye’s Firm  Used to be  Ready For “Doctors” To Flop

Park Shin Hye’s Firm Used to be Ready For “Doctors” To Flop

Park Shin Hyes FirmWas onceReady For Doctors To Flopjun2yng July 9, 2016 0 Park Shin Hyes Agency Was Prepared For Doctors To Flop “We idea the timing of this drama would result in a failure. How would we land a a hit drama each and everyunmarried time? So we were prepared for failure, and told ourselves no longer to be disappointed too much if the drama didn’t do well,” acknowledged Park Shin Hye’s agency, Salt Entertainment, on July 10.

But a ways from failure, “Doctors” is a giant hit. Six episodes in, the drama — expanding in ratings with every one episode — is simply shy of a national viewership of 20 percent, whilst the Seoul metropolitan viewership has already surpassed 20 percent.

Salt Entertainment said, “For the beyond 3 years, none of Park Shin Hye’s dramas have failed, and the entiretyat all timesbecame out well, so it’s true that we were fearful for this one. Folks were announcing that it was about time for no less than one failure, and we also thought that there has been no way we could succeed in everything.”

The agency said that the ones nerves played a thing in opting for the drama: “When we were selecting this next project, we neededto head out in style, even supposing IT did fail, so we chose ‘Doctors.’” “Doctors,” which, initially called “Female Gangster Hye Jung,” presentations an self sufficient female lead who is in keep an eye on of her own fate, and a few killer action scenes no less, gambling to the craze of ladyweigh down female celebrities.

Watch the newest episode of Doctors here!

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