Yoochun’s lovers threaten to sue top  college  scholars for their parody outfits

Yoochun’s lovers threaten to sue top college scholars for their parody outfits

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIn Korea, primecollegescholarsregularly wear atypicalyet hilarious outfits and costumes for their commencement photos. 

And whilst costumes have ranged from games to popular celebrities in the past, many high faculty students have determined to parody notedfamous person scandals that experiencetook place this year, including JYJYoochun amidst his sexual attack charges. But after seeing the costumes, which come with a Mickey Mouse suit maintaining a womens restroom sign, in additiona guy in a mask holding a bathroom seat next to his head, many of Yoochuns enthusiasts take threatened to take felony action opposed to the high school students, claiming that the costumes don't appear to be parody but acts of defamation.

Sigh I dont know why this incident is being parodied. CJES please record that student and Euijungboo High School

CJES fail to rememberthe complete thing please sue Euijungboo High School. The coed who ready it and the collegethat permit that take place are either nuts. What are they hungry for attention? So filthy

If students make the collegeconscious about their plans for the grad photo, CJES please sue both the student and the school

This isnt a parody please sue the student for defamation. Regardless of how young you're incorrect is wrong.

So furious..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ send information to CJES I'm hoping they sue them

Im going to screenshot and send to CJES ^^ they are going toto find out who it's far soon enough. If hes 19, thats sufficiently old to be sued

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