John Park Drops MV Teaser For “Thought Of You”

John Park Drops MV Teaser For “Thought Of You”

John Park Drops MV Teaser For Thought about you lot ehk38 July 8, 2016 0 John Park Drops MV Teaser For Concept Of You Singer and tv personality John Park has dropped a tune video teaser in anticipation of his long-awaited comeback!

In the teaser video for his new unmarried Thought of You, John Park is a guy hit through Cupids poisonous arrow. Channeling bluesy soul, the singer croons, Whilsthaving a look out the window, I call to mind you.

John Parks comeback comes approximately two years after his final studio album Internal Child. Regardless of aiming to move back amongst a song in October of 2015, the singers comeback was oncenot on timebecause of an injury. Needless to say, Thought of You, which is scheduled for liberate on July 15, is many years coming.

Are you looking forward to lav Parks comeback?

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