Juniel Explains How Much She Loves Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Juniel Explains How Much She Loves Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Juniel Explains How Much She Loves Women Generations TaeyeonJiwonYu July 7, 2016 0 Juniel Explains How Much She Loves Girls Generations Taeyeon Singer Juniel has made a comeback after a one-year hiatus with her virtualunmarried Pisces, and she has returned more mature and lovelier than ever.

She lately sat down for an interview to proportion things that experience been going on in that point and resolution some questions that her enthusiastswere curious about.

Juniel is well known for being a big fan of ladies Generations Taeyeon. To this, Juniel says, Yes. Thats right. Shes so pretty. I actually likebeautiful people. I handiestobserve two other people on my SNS: Taeyeon and Krystal from f(x). When I first met Krystal, I iced up in position because she was once and so pretty. It changed into back when f(x) was selling Electric Shock.'

She continues, I didnt even know I had fallen for Taeyeon, though. It was just natural. Her making a song is great, no explanation necessary. I once went to a exhibit of hers when she was just a trainee. She sang the song Moonlight back then and I thought, Wow, shes so just right at singing. Thats how I have become her fan when she debuted as a member of women Generation.

Unfortunately, it roughly feels that Taeyeon doesnt know this passionate fan exists because Juniel says, I havent told Taeyeon yet. Honestly, I believe shy. Im close with Sunny, or even met her a couple of days ago, yetI think shy even telling Sunny how I'ma large fan of Taeyeon.

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