I.O.I Participants Burst Out Crying Whilst Volunteering

I.O.I Participants Burst Out Crying Whilst Volunteering

I.O.I Participants outburst Out Crying Whilst VolunteeringJiwonYu July 7, 2016 0 I.O.I Members Burst Out Crying While Volunteering At the upcoming episode of Dog Papa, members of I.O.I could beperforming on the show.

During the interview prior to filming the episode, I.O.I says, We wish tocarrydeserted dogs. We in realitywish topass volunteer at an animal shelter.

When asked, Dont you suspect itll be hard? they reply, We will be in a position topaintings as demanding as we can.

When they come at the animal shelter, I.O.I members get startedcleansing after the animals, build dog houses, shower the dogs, and more. After they see how the dogs are neglected and living in a deficient environment, the members commence crying.

Kim Sohye sees one dog that cant even get shots as a result of being too thin, and bursts into tears. Right through a separate interview, Kim Sohye explains, I used to beconserving in my tears when I entered the animal shelter. Then I beganall for who may take those animals house and why others abandoned them.

The members sooner or laterbegin crying such a lot that the body of workers has to forestall filming for a while.

You will be capable of see I.O.Is episode of Dog Papa on July 8 at 11 p.m. KST.

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