Taeyeon’s brother catches attention for fantastic visuals

Taeyeon’s brother catches attention for fantastic visuals

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterGirls GenerationTaeyeon may be known for her beauty, yet shes now notthe sole member of her circle of relatives with top-level visuals. 

In fact, Taeyeons older brother Kim Jiwoong has develop intoreasonably of a famous person among Taeyeons lovers for his appearance and resemblance to Taeyeon. It sounds as if that hes also quite talented in acting as well, having garnered compliment from his sister for his cameo in her debut track video I.

With the 2 siblings receiving much praise for their visuals and talent, fans also areexpecting the debut in their youngest sibling Hayeon, who was oncethese daysprinted to have passed her audition at SM Entertainment and has changed into a trainee.

Spot Jiwoong in the music video for Taeyeons solo debut song I below:

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