10 K-Pop Idols Are Pushing The bounds Of Gender With Androgynous Charm

10 K-Pop Idols Are Pushing The bounds Of Gender With Androgynous Charm

7kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter There are a handful of South Korean celebrities who can boast to be stunning stillgood-looking and handsome yet pretty. Heres an inventory of a couple of of the onesstated celebrities who can pull off this kind of look.

Image: Two times Jungyeon / My Daily Image: TWICE Jungyeon / My Day-to-day

TWICE Jungyeon: Even thru her time in SIXTEEN, Jungyeon has at all times been shown to have a quick haircut with her hair so long as above shoulder. Yet eventide alongside her boyish haircut, the TWICE member still exudes a feminine charm.

f(x) Amber: Credited as the idol who startedthe womanoverwhelm trend. Since her debut, Amber has endured with her femaleimpartial and tomboyish look, who prefer to stay her hair short.

Image: MAMAMOO Moonbyul / My Daily Image: MAMAMOO Moonbyul / My Everyday

MAMAMOO Moonbyul: Referred to as the doppelganger and feminineedition of EXO Xiumin. She rose into reputation after reworking into a male for the teamssong video for Um Oh Ah Yeh in addition on degree for the promotions, shooting the hearts of fans.

Image: Kang Ji Young / My Daily Image: Kang Ji Young / My Each day

Kang Ji Young: These days active as an actress in Japan and is getting attention for her upcoming film Kataomoi Spiral. Throughout her time in ladyworkforce KARA, she wonnumerous tending for her lovely visuals. However, the still cuts for Kataomoi Spiral expose Kang Ji Young transforming into a handsome tomboy.

Image: Girls' Generation Sunny / My Daily Image: Women Generation Sunny / My Daily

Girls Generation Sunny: On multiple times since her debut, Sunny has been spotted with a short coiffure and varying bobs, which now nothandiest highlights her feminine charms but complements her cute looks.

Image: SEVENTEEN Jeonghan / My Dailly Image: SEVENTEEN Jeonghan / My Daily

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan: With his long locks, Jeonghan can without difficulty existwrong for a feminine equally he has that refinedattractivenesseven though he indisputably hast he functions of a handsome male.

Image: No Min Woo / My Daily Image: No Min Woo / My Daily

No Min Woo: Status at 185cm tall, No Min Woo is a superstar known for his handsome but fairly visuals.

Image; Endless 50 / My Daily Image: INFINITE L / My Daily

▲ INFINITE L: The member is in command of INFINITEs visuals. Having dressed in female garbs on several events for his fans, theres doubtless that he has sure feminine charms as smartly as his handsomeness, making him even more sexy to fans.

▲ BTS V: A charismatic idol who has taken over the hearts of many fanatics with his visuals and humors. Dressed up in female dresses, he still comes out as pretty as ever.

Image: EXO Suho / SM Entertainment Image: EXO Suho / SM Entertainment

▲ EXO Suho: Not just an idol but an actor as well. At one of the crucialbeyond SMTOWN Are living in Seoul concerts, Suho remodeled as a female as he wore a red dressed decorated in a red boa and short haired wig.

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