Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 13

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 13

For a spell"Lucky Romance"continues to be sickeningly, adorably adorable amongst its primary romance. It isdifficult to hate a drama that isenthusiastic about its own sheer goofiness- I wagerperhapsas a result ofhow it works in memory? That is thea laugha phase of being along side a new person, after all. All of the minor gestures which stayannouncing in as specificconceivable terms "I like you and wantlets spend more time together". Soo-ho even brings that power to exposing the not-so-secret courtingeach person has no longer been in a positionto recognize at work.

Then the drama gets weird. The family-related twist we now have been anticipatingat last pops up. It is notthe maximum obvious twist, though, yet rather the other twist that does notactually make sense because I used to bebeautifulcertainwe mightnoticed this persona in flashback and that he did now notundergo any resemblance to the existing day actor. Well, I never truly paid much attention in the primary place, so why get started now?

But the genuine frustration comes when writerChoi Yoon-gyo, having long ago given up on looking to exist accurate on game design, comes to a decision to write a tale aroundbusiness espionage that manages to be even more idiotic. Like, I do not evening know where to begin on how stupid this plot is. The villain's plan must not have worked. Even with get correct of access to to the workplace he wouldn't know which laptop had the best files or where the files were situatedat the computer, let by myself take any concept how to govern them without any individual noticing. No onein thisstaff has ultimate minute trojan horse checkers?

AdvertisementWhat makes this plot point so agitating is that or not it's painfully obtrusive why Soo-ho does the heroic thing and becomes a martyr to a state of affairsthat isn't his fault- to be offeringcoverage to Bonnie from blame. The issue with here'sthat duringgenuine life, any such high-level hack will requirethe help of a technical co-conspirator. The "wrong" theory is in realitythe proper one unless I twist my thinking in such some way to agree with that cyberterrorism is so simple that any fool with spiked coffee can pull it off.

I don't like having to positionidea into this stupid storyline when"Lucky Romance"had just executed making some degreeof the way information technologymay also becandy and fun when going throughsubject material that's less serious. Like Dal-nim. Someone really wishes to get on the telephone withLee Cho-hee's agent and get her some higher roles- she transitions perfectly from bubbling excitement to horrified embarassment.