Yang Hyun Suk Teases About BIGBANG Freeing A New Track

Yang Hyun Suk Teases About BIGBANG Freeing A New Track

Yang Hyun Suk Teases About BIGBANG Freeing A New Tune kokoberry July 7, 2016 0 Yang Hyun Suk Teases About BIGBANG Releasing A New Track On July 7, Yang Hyun Suk uploaded a screenshot of text messages between him and G-Dragon on his Instagram account.

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A photo posted via YANG HYUN SUK (@fromyg) on Jul 6, 2016 at 11:31pm PDT

G-Dragon: No hyung, Im solving the lyrics for the 2d one and 3rd time. I couldnt listbecause of having non-stop rehearsals sooner than coming here;; Im now notgambling ㅜㅜ.

Yang Hyun Suk: Youre speaking about the beyond week. Im talking about the past year. Anyways, I were given it. Paintings hard.

G-Dragon: Yes, I ended revising the lyrics and Im looking ahead to T.O.P hyungs. YetI suspect the content is too obvious, so Im interested inconverting it altogether. Im still thinking, Unwellend recording as I proceed.

G-Dragon: I admire you lot more hyung.

It seems equallydespite the reality that Yang Hyun Suk is teasing the addition of a new song in BIGBANGs full MADE album.

A representative of YG commented, Theyve been running on finishing up their album for the past year. They are practically done recording now.

Yang Hyun Suk spoke with news outlet OSEN in a telephone interview and said, The hot album could befinished with the addition of a new song.

Are you excited for BIGBANGs upcoming track?

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