MOT’s eAeon Finds How BTS’s Rap Monster Is Facing The Misogyny Controversy

MOT’s eAeon Finds How BTS’s Rap Monster Is Facing The Misogyny Controversy

MOTs eAeon Unearths How BTSs Rap Monster Is Going through The Misogyny Controversykokoberry July 6, 2016 0 MOTs eAeon Displays How BTSs Rap Monster Is Handling The Misogyny Controversy MOTs eAeon has spoken up about BTSs contemporary misogyny controversy. The singer tweeted about his communication alongside Rap Monster in regards to the issue.

1. Recently Namjoon (Rap Monster) and I met privately and had a significant long speak aboutthe problem of misogyny. Namjoon felt disgrace and guilt as a result ofthe talk and printed to me that he's distressed and not able to sleep smartlybecause of it.

2. So I stated that misogyny isn't a label or stigma that can not be erased, yet rather a disadvantage in the correcttrailthat will exist inside of anyone. In position of feeling like its unfair or painful, its an issue of deciding to mend it or now not later onfinding it within oneself.

3. I mentioned how I'm also in the procedure of oftensolving myself every time onenoticeanything I am lacking. Namjoon listened attentively and understood higher than people I have spoken to about identicalsubjects with.

4. Im satisfied and relieved after seeing Large Hits commentary in Donga Ilbo. Because I believe the contributors and the corporate are moving toward a proper direction. Whats vital is now not the beyond or present location but rather what direction one is moving toward.

What are your mind on his words?

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