4Minute unfollows Hyuna, and enthusiasts angry over her movements at fan cafe

4Minute unfollows Hyuna, and enthusiasts angry over her movements at fan cafe

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSoon after Jihyun, Gayoon, Sohyun, and Jiyoon decided now notto resume their contract with Cube Entertainment, well disbanding 4MINUTE, enthusiasts were surprised to noticethey had all unfollowed Hyuna on Instagram. 

Although the gang didnt display any discord ahead of their disbandment, the pass made it seem that the opposite4 onetimeindividuals of 4MINUTE were no longer on friendly terms with Hyuna. However, fans currentlyfound out that it was oncein reality Hyuna who first began unfollowing the other members, prompting them to respond via unfollowing her as well.

In addition to the drama between members, fans were also angered by Hyunas freshjob in 4MINUTEs fan cafe. Pointing out that Hyuna hasnt posted in the fan cafe since 2009, many were shockedto peer her make a post after the teamsreputable disbandment. In the post, Hyuna wrote:

Its been a while. I am hoping everyones doing smartly and dining well! Im sincerely thankful that everybodyis concerned and cheering for me always. I trulysought afterto mention that I spent a massive number of fourth dimension thinking, and I went traveling for the primary time. I spent numerous time thinking, walking alone, eating and drinking coffee, and spent the time quietly. Now I suspectI will spend day after day more fruitfully to have a look at to be an easier me.

I actuallypass over yous all and I hope to see you all soon. Dont get sick and remain well! Im at all times thankful.

After reading her letter, fans are claiming that she wrote a message to them because of her upcoming solo comeback and needed the toughen of 4MINUTEs fans, pointing out that she didnt even mention the groups disbandment or her former members. Taking a glance at her Instagram updates, fans also found that the traveling Hyuna becameregarding was her travel to Paris, which she made to advertise her upcoming solo release.

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