"Incarnation of Jealousy" the lifestyles of Kong Hyo-jin, the elements reporter

The existence of weather reporter Kong Hyo-jin has been revealed.

She stars in the hot SBS drama "Incarnation of Jealousy" as Pyo Na-ri.

Pyo Na-ri is a weather reporter who dreams of converting into an announcer yet she does notseem like one in the pictures. Her activity is letting the country know about the day's weather so we predict her to be running around and checking the weather. However, she is simplestwearing abouta number of luggage.

Pyo na-ri is carrying around a makeup box that does notglancefind it irresistible has anything else to do with the weather. Her hands are so complete that she's even the usage of her mouth to hold her card. She looks fancy in front of the camera but in reality she's otherin the back of it.

"Incarnation of Jealousy" is a romantic drama about a macho reporter, a weather reporter and a wealthy plutocrat breaking down in front of jealousy.