Lee Hi Stocks How She Overcomes Her Degree Fright

Lee Hi Stocks How She Overcomes Her Degree Fright

Lee Hi Stocks How She Overcomes Her Level fear leonid July 5, 2016 0 Lee Hi Shares How She Overcomes Her Stage Fright Lee Hi went live on V app and gave personal tips about how to get over stage fright.

For a curative corner right throughthe primary episode of HI Television on July 5, the singer opens up to audience or so how she gets over her anxiety on stage.

She responds to a fear expressed througha realisticTrackmain who asks how you canfortunately make music.

Lee Hi shares, I empathize with how she says she has stage fright. Even non-celebrities appear to have that fear. Its either you dont like being on stage, or you get frightenedcorrectearlier than going on stage.

She continues, I felt that so much when I used to be going on auditions too, yet many folks didnt glancestressful at all. Seeing that, I pass on stage thinking, Thats right, shall we kill it. I tell myself things like, Dont do it once you dont need to, I'm who I am, and Sick just give it my all.'

She additional advises the student, Youll be ready to sing with ease if you calm yourself down thinking that whatever could be will be. If you practiced actually hard, dont doubt yourself.

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