EXO’s Chen And Chanyeol Made up our minds To Disclose Suho’s True Self On “Happy Together”

EXO’s Chen And Chanyeol Made up our minds To Disclose Suho’s True Self On “Happy Together”

EXOs Chen And Chanyeol Made up our minds To Disclose Suhos True Self On SatisfiedIn combination kminjungee July 5, 2016 0 EXOs Chen And Chanyeol Desperate To Expose Suhos True Self On Happy Together With such mischievous participants like Chen and Chanyeol, EXOs Suho has his paintings cut out for him.

On the impending episode of KBS 2TVs Happy Together, Suho, Chanyeol, and Chen in additionkid actors Kim Hwan Hee, Jin Ji Hee, and Suh Shin Ae will seem as guests.

Throughout the recording, Chen and Chanyeol reportedly were determined to expose their leader, and, in just right humor, threw him beneath the bus. Whilstspeaking about how Suho calls himself the funniest in EXO, Chen jokingly comments, Suho-hyungs sense of humor is stale and boring. Its no longer funny.

Then, they demonstrate his unexpectedway of life and how contrary to his delicate appearance, his room is in point of fact messy. Chen explains, When we lived in the similar room, it was once to the point I asked if I maytransfer rooms. Chanyeol also adds, Sehun, who is his present roommate, used to be a very tidy kid yet he also doesnt clean. Despite the reality that you blank their room, it just gets grimy again.

As a last attack, Chen playfully says, Suho is stingy with money, well casting apart their hyungs symbol as a charismatic leader, albeit temporarily.

Not one to backtrack from a challenge, Suho counterattacks, and states, Chanyeol gets actually sulky often. He, in turn, also starts to expose his fellow members true selves. EXOs foolish antics reportedly turned your complete studio into a sea of laughter.

EXO and their hilarious diss battle, will air on Thursday, July 7, at 11:10 p.m.

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