Song Joong Ki’s Impressive CF Profits And Impact On Sales Revealed

Song Joong Ki’s Impressive CF Profits And Impact On Sales Revealed

Song Joong Kis Impressive CF Profits And Impact On Sales Published kminjungee July 5, 2016 0 Song Joong Kis Impressive CF Earnings And Influence On Sales Revealed Taking Asia by way of storm, Song Joong Ki of KBSs Descendants of the Sun reputation solidifies his role as a hallyu famous person with his massive influence in the commercial industry.

According to a contemporary report, the actor raised CF sales by 40 billion won (approximately $34.6 million) in exactlythe primarypart of 2016 alone.

Currently, Song Joong Ki earns around 1 billion won (approximately $865,000) yearly from appearance costs in South Korea, and 20 million yuan (approximately $3 million) bi-annually in China.

Representative of his hallyu star status, he at this time has CF deals in just abouteach industry, reminiscent ofresponsibilityloose stores, beverage, clothing, automobile; and aviation.

In China alone, he's the exclusive fashionfor no less than nine other advertisements, and is currently in talks for to be the version for a Chinese mobile phonecorporate as well.

A spokesperson from one advertisement firm states, In Song Joong Kis case, were having a look at year-long contracts rather thanthe usual six-month long contracts. Contracts are being bearing in mind without excessively raising the guarantees, and whilst being fair to other best stars.

Another unheard of and well-merited feat by the actor!

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