Many are appalled with LABOUM’s serious weight loss regime

Many are appalled with LABOUM’s serious weight loss regime

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterLABOUM surprised the netizens of the truthin the back of the scenes as idol workforcecontributors every bitquantitiesin theircriticalvitamin authorities were revealed. 

Last July 3rd, LABOUM gave the impression in an episode of SBS Special where the severe weight loss regime in theneighborhoodwas once revealed. The episode stuckreasonably a reaction after the members discussed their sensitivity against weight and showed portions of their packed lunch consisting of vegetables and bread. It turned intofound out that the lunch most effective consisted of three hundred calories, which was deemed restrictive if one considers their busy schedules and activities.

Netizens have reacted quite negatively at this discovery and argued that the members had to take a less restrictive diet with their tenseagendaand significant physical activities. Others pointed out how the agencies want to step up and make certain that the fitness of their artists are optimal to their vital performances.

Meanwhile, LABOUM remains active with their ongoing activities for their newest album, Fresh Adventure. Image: Sports Chosun / SBS Special

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