"Bring It On, Ghost" Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I

Actors Taecyeon and Kim So-hyeon-I showed very good chemistry together.

The premiere of the tvN drama "Bring It On, Ghost" used to behung on July 1st. Taecyeon wear a gray semi-formal suit and looked dandy whilst Kim So-hyeon-I wore a see-through dress.

The two looked to be friendly to every other. Taecyeon escorted Kim So-hyeon-I to the photo wall and she could notprevent laughing.

The two of them posed in other styles for the photo wall. At one point, Kim So-hyeon-I held her fist up to him and he pretended to be scared.

The two take at the roles of a student named Park Bong-pal who sees ghosts and a teenage ghost named Kim Hyeon-ji. The primary episode can also benoticed on July 11th at 11PM.