Spoiler "Happy Home" Kim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo get married

Kim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo made up our minds to speed things up with the marriage.

Bong Hae-ryeong (Kim So-yeon) and SEO Ji-gun (Lee Sang-woo) told all and sundry around them that they are getting married.

Bong Hye-ryeong made a decision to get married to Seo Ji-gun quickly, then cried in front of him. He held her hands and said, "I proposed and used to beanticipatingthe solution from somebody else. Thank you for accepting my proposeal".

Bong Hye-ryeong then said, "We is most probably not blessed by way of many people" yet Seo Ji-gun just smiled and wiped her tears as he said, "That's now not true".