Ra Mi Ran Beams With Self assurance In Her Looks On “Section TV”

Ra Mi Ran Beams With Self assurance In Her Looks On “Section TV”

Ra Mi Ran Beams With Self belief In Her Looks On PhaseTelevision leonid July 3, 2016 0 Ra Mi Ran Beams With Confidence In Her Looks On Section TV Actress Ra Mi Ran showed her self-confidence about her looks on MBCs Section TV.

She and Son Ye Jin, Park Hae Il, and Jung Sang Hoon from the forged of upcoming movie Princess Deokhye take a seat down for an interview with the MBC program on July 3.

Their interviewer, Shin Cross Eun, asks the actors what kind ofconsumerthey believe they would had been if they were born all the manner through the Joseon Dynasty.

Ra Mi Ran responds, Ive been hearing so muchin fresh years that I might accept been regarded as a good looks if I were born in the Joseon era. I most probably would have been Hwang Jini (a noted gisaeng).

On the alternative hand, Son Ye Jin answers, If I were born in the Joseon era, I suspect 1 would have been an old maiden, to which Ra Mi Ran quips, Thats true. Truthfully I dont think Son Ye Jin would have been taken into considerationstunning back then.

Meanwhile, their film Princess Deokhye tells the tale of Joseons ultimate princess, and is scheduled to premiere on August.

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