Employees Be expecting to Retire at 51

Employees Be expecting to Retire at 51

Salaried employees in Korea on moderateaccept as true withthat they are going to be put to pasture at the age of 51, in line with a survey.

The findings reflect expanding fears of layoffs as more in deficient healthcompanies face painful restructuring.

Jobs seek portal Activity Korea polled 1,405 employees from Might 26-31. Among men the average expected retirement age was once 51.7, and among girls 49.9, averaging 50.9 years.

In the similar survey in March 2015, the average changed into a little upper at 52.1.

Workers in state-run firms gave the age of expected retirement at 54.8, whilstbody of workers of small and mid-sized businesses expected to retire at 50.8.

In conglomerates staff expected to retire at an insignificant 48.8 years of age.

Some 66 % voiced fears of being laid off, and most effective 7.8 percent acknowledged they are indubitablyno longer afraid. Also, 73 percent of the respondents said they concept about switching to public service, which promisesa task for life.