Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 16

Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 16

...So apparently"Mirror of the Witch"is a twenty episode drama? I would been assuming it was oncemost effective sixteen. Now notcertain whether theyadded 4whilst I wasn't being attentive or if it become just wishful thinking. Taking into account what little there is for any of the characters to in reality do anymore, I am at a loss for what willtake place in even the following two episodes, let on my own four. Precisely how many contrivances can the drama perhapsget a grasp of to stay letting Hong-joo break out at the closing minute?

"Mirror of the Witch"has joined the dubious club of dramas that couldwerestepped forward substantially if it had made use of the "magical trouble of the week" structure to pad for time. We even had that with the wishing tree, from which we were givento look exactly one wish. I wagerall the "people who use the wishing tree get murdered" facet of that would have that plot turn a little gloomy, yetit is going to existhigher than the repetition we got instead.

The excuse this time for why the characters do not just stab Hong-joo to death and be done with her is that it sounds as if the spell she forged on Hyeon-seo has related them such that he would die too, so Hong-joo has to be killed in an overlyexplicit way. Again, if we are taking Hong-joo at her observe that the majorpurpose is survival, why is she even bothering to combatany individual at this point? They mightforestallseeking to kill her if she stopped wanting to kill them!

Advertisement The only real fig leaf rendering any of this at all understandable is the overall prophecy about how Yeon-hee will kill each person she loves. Somehow. I actuallywish to see the fine print in this prophecy because to this point Yeon-hee has only been a chance to her buddies to the level that they usually tend to get in the mannereach time Hong-joo tries to homicide her. The last time we saw a non-Hong-joo comparabledanger was long ago on Yeon-hee's 17th birthday.

Maybe that is the direction"Mirror of the Witch"is going from here- get Hong-joo out of howin order that the heroes can handle a bigger, more bad villain. Smartly I welcome that much fascinated by a spectral entity it is going to be amore convincing catalyst to Poong-yeon's horrific inconsistence. Poong-yeon, women and gentlemen, the fellow who canmoveuntouched and unseenby endless guardsbut cannot physically subdue a fifty year old woman.