Current And previous  omit A Participants Celebrate 6th Debut Anniversary!

Current And previous omit A Participants Celebrate 6th Debut Anniversary!

Current And previousleave out A Participants Celebrate 6th Debut Anniversary!ilmare42 July 1, 2016 0 Current And Former miss A Members Celebrate 6th Debut Anniversary! All 4usual members of miss A are celebrating their 6th anniversary with fans!

miss A debuted below JYP Entertainment on July 1 of 2010 with their tune “Bad WomanJust right Girl.” The gang went directly toliberate several other hits adding “Breathe,” “Good Bye Baby,” “Touch,” “Hush,” and maximumthese days “Only You” in 2015.

In Might of this year, JYP announced that member Jia’s contract had expired with the corporate and she would be leaving the group, and mentioned that the opposite members Suzy, Fei, and Min are currently specializing in solo activities. It used to be recently announced that Fei is decided to make her solo debut this summer.

On July 1, the respectable girl A Twitter account shared a collage of all four original members keeping up handwritten letters for fans. The caption says, “Congratulations to overlook A and say A on their sixth anniversary.”

miss A와 say A의 6주년을 축하합니다:-)miss A의 사랑이 담긴 편지를 확인해보세요

— miss A (@JYPEmissA) July 1, 2016

Member Fei also posted on her Instagram to celebrate their anniversary.

六年过去,你们没变,我也是。只有一件事情,请你们和我一起,变得更好,更强,Miss A, 和你们,明年我们一起庆祝我们的变与不变。 All throughthosefive years either you (our sayA) and i never changed. I do have to invite you excited about a favour though, i am hoping that you'll be in a position to all be larger and more potent alongside Miss A and celebrate next year together! 六년지났다.근데우리sayA변하지않았고 저도편하지않았다. 앞으로도 5주년 15주년 25주년 쭉..! 우리 변하지 말고 함께해요.. Say a .. ㅅ..ㅅㅏ사랑합니다!

A photo posted through missa_fei xi (@ff0427) on Jun 30, 2016 at 11:35pm PDT

Happy anniversary, miss A!

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