MAMAMOO’s Sun Becomes Captivated By way of Fishing On “We Were given Married”

MAMAMOO’s Sun Becomes Captivated By way of Fishing On “We Were given Married”

MAMAMOOs Sun Becomes Captivated Via line-fishing On We Were given MarriedJiwonYu July 1, 2016 0 MAMAMOOs Solar Becomes Captivated By Fishing On We Got Married In the approaching episode of We Got Married, Eric Nam and MAMAMOOs Solar will take a summer commute to Jeju Island!

According to the staff, Eric Nam and Solar obtain a undertakingto head on a holiday to Jeju Island. After arriving at the island, they activate to experiencea pleasant on-board fishing expertise together.

At first, Solar is scared and fearful to pass fishing for the primary time in her life. She says, The day has come, and remains hesitant. However, when theyin truthget started fishing, she proves to be in point of factslightlyprofessional at it and becomes excited, exclaiming, Here's and so cool, and Its so fun!

When they filet the fish and devour ITappropriate on the spot, Solar becomes ecstatic, saying, Isnt this delicious? Im without warning thence excited after eating, and makes Eric Nam smile because of her cuteness.

To see more of what occurs to this stunning couple, watch the following episode of We Got Married, that may air on July 2 at 4:55 p.m. KST.

Meanwhile, take a glance atremaining weeks episode on Viki!

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