PDs Select  The maximum productive Actors Of The primary  Part Of 2016

PDs Select The maximum productive Actors Of The primary Part Of 2016

PDs Pick outThe maximum efficient Actors Of The primaryPart Of 2016notclaira July 2, 2016 0 PDs Pick The suitable Actors Of The First Half Of 2016 After TVReport compiled 10 third-party manufacturersto select the highest dramas of the first half of 2016, the PDs also voted on who gave the only acting performances so far.

Jo Jin Woong played a detective in tvN’s “Signal” and rose to No. 1 in this list after 3 out of ten producers voted for his performance.

Song Joong Ki from “Descendants of the Sun” and Namgoong Min from “Remember” tied for 2dposition amongst two votes each. Song Joong Ki played an upright soldier who falls in love with an navyphysician and temporarily rose to the prestige of Hallyu star.

In SBSs Remember, Namgoong Min plays the wealthyand robust villain to Yoo Seung Hos attorney character. His ideal portrayal of an evil crook won him serious praise, despite the truth that he rapidlygrew to become his symbol around with a lighter role on Expensive Fair Girl Kong Shim.

Lee Sung Min, Kim Hye Soo, and Jin Goo everywon one vote each, tying them at 3rd place. Lee Sung Min is the sole actor who gave the impression in a drama that used to benow not voted probably the mosttop of the year so far. The 47-year-old actor participated in the tvN drama “Memory” that aired from March to May.

Kim Hye Soo also played one of the detectives in “Signal” contrary Jo Jin Woong and Lee Je Hoon. She is a veteran actor who has been active in the industry since 1986.

Jin Goo became one of the actors that shot to stardom at the wings of “Descendants of the Sun.” He played a soldier with a robust bromance with Song Joong Ki’s personality and an intense love tale with Kim Ji Won’s character that rivaled the recognition of the Song-Song love line.

Whose functionality in 2016 up to now did you prefer the best?

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