Son Ho Jun Thankfully Hands Over The Maknae Identify To Nam Joo Hyuk On Three Foods A Day

Son Ho Jun Thankfully Hands Over The Maknae Identify To Nam Joo Hyuk On Three Foods A Day

Son Ho Jun Luckily Hands Over The Maknae Identify To Nam Joo Hyuk On “Three Foods A Day”ilmare42 July 2, 2016 0 Son Ho Jun Happily Hands Over The Maknae Title To Nam Joo Hyuk On “Three Meals A Day” On July 1, tvN aired its first episode of the hot season of “Three Meals a Day,” which includes aalternate to the teams dynamic on account of the addition of Nam Joo Hyuk!

This new spin-off of “Three Meals a Day” is determined in Gochang Village, and lines three contributors of the solid of the ultimate season of the “Fishing Village” edition: Cha Seung Won, Yoo Hae Jin, and Son Ho Jun. In addition, 22-year-old actor Nam Joo Hyuk also joins the guys on their biological farming adventure.

Although Son Ho Jun used to be the youngest (or the “maknae”) in the group, Nam Joo Hyuk joining the cast way he no longer has to be the group’s errand boy.

When the pair meet for the primary time, Son Ho Jun is surprisedto determine that there’s a 10 year age hole between them, and Nam Joo Hyuk jokes that he will have to boss him around. “You had to suffer,” issues out PD Na Young Suk to Son Ho Jun. “You must makethe similar to him.”

“What suffering?” says Son Ho Jun with a fake serious voice. “It used to be all a finding out experience.

Nam Joo Hyuk abruptly gets up and says, “Do you need some coffee? I must always get you a coffee…”

“I most often just do thismore or less thing without being told,” jokes Son Ho Jun, and says to the crew that Nam Joo Hyuk isn’t observant. The display then stocks clips of the pair coming up their bromance as Son Ho Jun teaches Nam Joo Hyuk how to do the paintings of a maknae.

After Nam Joo Hyuk cleans up the pair’s beverages afterwards, Son Ho Jun says to himself, as althoughunderstanding how fantastic this new arrangement is for the 1st time, “It’s so simple since there’s any individualmore youthful than me.”

Check out more in the premiere episode of the new season of 3 Meals a Day! Even if this episode does now notcome with Yoo Hae Jin because ofagenda conflicts, he'll exist joining the cast later on.

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