Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 12

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 12

Bonnie's consistent rejection of Soo-ho has gotten to be rather tiring, so it is alongside relief that I write that this episode they in factin spite of everythingget started dating. Yes that issomewhat of a spoiler yet 1do not care at this point- it be taken goodbye for"Lucky Romance"to get to any exactamusingsame old romantic comedy subject matter that see Bonnie and Soo-ho is tournament worthy of a few celebration. If bestit will have took place without the the use of of such a lot clumsy game corporate gossip.

To date Soo-ho has most commonly been comedian relief (weird, for the explanation thathe is the lead), so it's greatto peer his courting being promptedby capability of some rather candy flashbacks indicating how he used to be being thoughtful to Bonnie more for the sake of niceness than any expectation of reward. Strictly talking what Soo-ho did turned intomore or less creepy, but it is the sentiment that counts. Let alonethe straightforward logic. Bonnie's obsession with superstition has avoided her from doing the standard things other folks with in deficient healthmembers of the family do.

Namely, continue to have a look at to are living life. Don't forget, but don't fall into constant self-flagellation either. It's at all times been reasonablyobviously implied that Goo-sin's abnormal tiger commands were really an inducement to get Bonnie at the aspect of Soo-ho. The maximum importantremarkable questions are whether Goo-sin did so deliberately, whether it truly was validspiritual guidance, or if the total lot was just contrived plotting all along.

Advertisement Somewhere else Dal-nim's appearance is ruined, as was to be expected, despite the reality that the jokes due to her makeover are funny sufficient to warrant forgiveness. Ryang-ha is simply sototallypetrified of what he's done it's simple to laugh at his misery. Any otherfacetI love is how Dal-nim has manifestlylong gone too far- certain heels are sexy, but they are also not easyto stroll in for any personwho isnow not used to it, so of path she's horribly clumsy.

That's where the point of interestis good now- exaggerated personality traits, and the acknowledgment thereof. Now that Bonnie is seriously chatting with Soo-ho in a non-crazy context, there is room in the discussion for her to acknowledgment plain facts like how Soo-ho lacks any sort of respectful gravitas even althoughhe's a a success businessperson in his thirties. And more importantly, that's OK. Once the superstitions are got rid of Bonnie and Soo-ho can attachbeautiful easily, and I amhappy she was ready to eventually figure that out without Goo-sin explicitly leading her on.