Son Ye-jin Takes Price in Newest Thriller

Son Ye-jin Takes Price in Newest Thriller

ActressSon Ye-jinis back with a new film.

"When I first read the script of 'The True Beneath', I truthfully wondered whether it may smartly befilm material", Son recalls. "But more than a year of shooting and limitless filming sessions later, I amfairlychuffed alongsidethe general results"

In the thriller, Son plays the wife of a political candidate who dreams of converting into a member of parliament. She is eager about her husband's dream, but their daughter is goinglackingthroughoutcrusade season. As her husband most effectivespecializes in the election and the police do now not pay much attention to the case, Son goes on my own to song down her daughter.

AdvertisementUnlike standard thrillers, the motion picture follows her insidecombatwhich would confuse audience at first. Because the film's free up Thursday, some have discoveredthe novelmeans refreshing whilst others appearnot able to digest the storyline.

Rather than an unconventional role like the only in the thriller, moviegoers might think Son is maximum suitable for blameless characters given her appearance and her roles in most of her outdated films, but the actress disputes such stereotyping.

"I didn'tattempt tosteer transparent ofharmless characters intentionally", she acknowledged of her 15-year career. "I have a broader point of view than in the past, and now I'm attracted toreviews that won't take interested me previously".

"I had several turning issues in my profession as an actress", she continued. "For example, in 'The Pirates' I had to accomplish many action scenes. When I make a selection a new project, the foremost thing is which tale anewould like to tell at that moment. The newestmoviewas once also a largeissue for me, and it's going to be any other turning point".