10 Times Rainbow-Haired K-pop Idols Appeared like Ice Cream

10 Times Rainbow-Haired K-pop Idols Appeared like Ice Cream

10 Times Rainbow-Haired K-pop Idols Seemed like Ice Creamvikimiki July 1, 2016 0 10 Times Rainbow-Haired K-pop Idols Looked Like Ice Cream Its after all July, this method that its ice cream season (for the onesfolks in the Northern Hemisphere). Shall we take this time to commemorate some special ice-cream encouraged moments in K-pop.

1. That point when Rapmon looked like Superman flavor ice cream.bts-rapmon-rainbow-hair-2

Superman ice cream is as multi-flavored and multicolored as RM is multitalented.

2. That time when Baro looked like Baskin Robbins cotton sweet ice cream.baro-rainbow-hair-2 920905.com

Baro once confessed that hed in point of fact like to head alongside his lovers to an amusement park and consume cotton candy. We think hes subconsciously realizing his unfulfilled wish with his hair.

3. That time when HyunA looked precisely like Baskin Robbins Wild n Reckless Sherbet.hyuna-rainbow-hair-2 HyunA , cruzines.blogspot.com

HyunA is a wild n reckless troublemaker!

4. That time when Sehun looked like Hawaiian shave ice.exo-sehun-rainbow-2

So much colorful goodness.

5. That time when G-Dragon looked like scrumptiouscomfortable serve.gdragon-rainbow-hair-2

GD is naturally the king of hair color. This crimson and blue combine is soft and sweet.

6. That time when Hyoyeon looked a little like a rainbow paddle pop.hyoyeon-rainbow-hair-i-got-a-boy-2 procrstinatingpolishr.com

What is this magical-looking popsicle, you ask? Its an Australian frozen treat that tastes like rainbows caramel.

7. That time when Key looked like candy pastel sherbet.shinee-key-rainbow-hair-2

A authenticcoiffure for one of K-pops maximumexclusive personalities.

8. That time when T.O.P looked exactly like a mouthwatering blue raspberry slushie.top-hair-2 thissilygirlslife.com

Icy blue (but goofy) hair to enrich that icy bloodless (but goofy) demeanor.

9. That time when Yooyoung looked like a delicious tropical fruit ice.hello-venus-yooyoung-2

Hello Venus Im Sick featured a ton of hair colour inspiration moments. We adore how much a laugh Yooyoung is having with those multicolored stripes!

10. That time when Aoora also looked like rainbow ice.aoora-rainbow-hair-2

Aooras rainbow mohawk is a exotic masterpiece in the history of K-pop hair.

11. And finally, lets be real, usually all K-pop idols in all places have given us each and everyconceivable hair color in eachlikely iteration. Thanks for all of the sweet and colorful moments!tumblr_n9lykrg0d51ti7ge2o1_500

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