Song Chang Eui Published To Be Getting Married Soon

Song Chang Eui Published To Be Getting Married Soon

Song Chang Eui Printed To Be Getting Married Soonkokoberry June 30, 2016 0 Song Chang Eui Revealed To Be Getting Married Soon Actor Song Chang Eui is officially off the market!

On July 1, his firm revealed, Song Chang Eui is getting married in past due September. He'sthese daysmaking ready for marriage with his non-celebrity bride-to-be.

Previously, the actor shared his satisfied news with his loversthru his fan site. He wrote, My fans whom I love, I'm getting married. I can be beginning a new lifestyles alongsidethe valuableperson that has at all times been with me all through happy, sad, and hard times.

He continued, I will have to meet you all individually; I am sorry. I'm hopingyou're going to bless my family. You may give us your blessings, right? I'm going to continue to turn you lot an unchanging symbolso asnot to disappoint your expectations. I'lldevelop into an actor that works not easy and grows in order to greet you through a excellenttask soon. Please staylooking at over me.

Congratulations to Song Chang Eui and his bride-to-be!

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