"Stairway to Heaven" Park Shin-hye and Baek Seong-hyeon reunited in "Doctors" after 12 years

Actress Park Shin-hye and actor Baek Seong-hyeon reunited for the primary time in 12 years.

Baek Seong-hyeon posted an image of the 2 of them on Instagram.

Baek Seong-hyeon and Park Shin-hye have their heads in combination in the image and smiling. They either starred in the 2004 drama SBS "Stairway to Heaven" as the more youthful versions of Cha Jong-joo (kwon Sang-woo) and Han Jeong-seo (Choi Ji-woo). Now they are officially reunited in the drama "Doctors".

"Doctors" can also beobservedeach and every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM.