Park Yoo-chun's first police investigation takes 8 hours

Park Yoo-chun's first police investigation takes 8 hours

Singer and actor Park Yoo-chun, who is being accused for rape, used to bepuzzledthrough police for 8 hours on June 30th.

Park seemed at the police station and stated to the clickinglooking ahead to him there, "I am sorry about the effortI'm causing". He went in to the 8th ground and the wonderingcame abouttill 2:20AM in the morning.

The police were thorough about their questions. They also took a pattern of his DNA from his mouth to compare it to the male DNA discovered on one of the crucial accuser's underwear.

After the questioning, Park did notresolution any questions from the press and left the station.

Previously, Park turned into sued by fourgirls who claimed that they were raped by him. The police created a 12-man team for this investigation.

Park replied strongly and sued the primary accuser, her brother and her cousin for false accusation and threat.

The police have sent out a go back and forth ban at the first accuser, her boyfriend and her cousin and went around searching and confiscating the bars discussed in the case.