Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 11

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 11

So after that large climactic kiss closing episode Bonnie...is still trying to find excuses to keep away from the plot. Agh! Already I miss"Oh Hae-Young Again", with its characters at all timescreating a mutual effort to stay their romance alive. Bonnie is nearly the living personification of the entire reasons Soo-ho has not to like dating, because she insists on making the entire thing so tough for reasons she may not explain. Bonnie is long late for a discussion with Goo-sin, because the shaman is lovely much the most effective realpersonality who can make Bonnie give an explanation for herself.

Bonnie's habit makes me uncomfortable because she's practically forcing the male ends up in stalk her, that being the one way to transportthe tale forward. I think bad for Geon-wook especially, because Bonnie's coy attitude has the effect of creating ITreally ambiguous what he will have to exist doing correct now. Admittedly, if I had a speaking refrigerator I wouldmore than likelyglance for excuses to take benefit of it always too.

Outside the product placement"Lucky Romance"has other unique visual elements. There would possibly bethe complete "line dividing the home into two halves" sitcom gag that up till now I have only observed used in parodies, now not as a real plot. And there's also the red string of fate, which is a sexy patently odd visual symboltaking into consideration how Bonnie helps to keep resisting Soo-ho. Indubitably she's acutely mindful of the symbolic importance of connecting herself to Soo-ho with a red string?

AdvertisementThe humor in"Lucky Romance"is now not all that bad, once thosepoints are taken into account, since extraordinary visuals can dovetail fairlysmartly amongst comedy. The maximum productiveseries is when Soo-ho panics over the chance that every other character will see his wall chart. An honorable mention is going to Ryang-ha and his confetti. YetI'm going be very disenchanted if he in reality succeeds in changing Dal-nim's appearance and ruining her goofy charm.

Because that is themajor thing"Lucky Romance"has going for it- goofy charm. The erratic pacing makes it tough to have interaction with the story, which is too predictable to have the ease ofprolonged runtime. Even supposing we finally finish up getting a curveball in regards to the most obvious twist referring to Soo-ho's parentage, there isn't going to be much of an affect because Soo-ho's courting to his oldstersis purely tangentially associated with his more appealing character traits. Really, Soo-ho's inability to care much about the restwith the exception of his activity and Bonnie is one of his more fun quirks, and"Lucky Romance"does well when it specializes in that.