'21yrs gap' Baek Jiyoung Thank you Seventeen's Mingyu&Jun for Contemporary Performance

'21yrs gap' Baek Jiyoung Thank you Seventeen's MingyuJun for FreshFunctionalityJun 30, 2016 02:34

A large sunbaenim to Seventeen, Baek Jiyoung expresses her gratitude to contributors Mingyu and Jun referring to their special degree at MBC Thank You Festival.

In the event, Baek Jiyoung, who has 21 years age hole alongside Mingyu Jun carried out her hit song "My Ear's Candy". Regardless of the sunbae-hoobae relationship, the 3 of them flawlessly delivered a horny and exciting stage.

To this, Baek Jiyoung stocks a photo and thanks Mingyu and Jun on her instagram account, "it's here heeheehee Seventeen Mingyu and Jun who played with me at MBC Sangam Thank You Festival. Pals who made a fuss seeing me^^to those two who did practice session with me enthusiastically without awkwardness thank you~~ also thank you for doing it with this tough sunbae comfortably~"

Baek Jiyoung should be in realityhappy to proportion a at ease phase with rookies. Watch their hot performance below:

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