HyunA Getting ready For First Solo Comeback After 4Minute’s Disbandment

HyunA Making ready For First Solo Comeback After 4Minutes Disbandmentjun2yng June 29, 2016 0 HyunA Preparing For First Solo Comeback After 4Minutes Disbandment afterwards the initial announcement of 4Minutes disbandment, there was onceindisputably in anyones brain about what HyunA would do. HyunA would go back every bit a solo artist — and perhaps in devices too. In step with a recordthrough Sports Donga, HyunA, who became the just one to surrender alongsideDice Entertainment, is preparing for a comeback in August. Whilst she has done solo promotions in the past, this might be HyunA’s first solo undertakingnow not as 4Minute’s HyunA, yet just HyunA.

The report states that HyunA is recently collecting tracks in addition recording songs for her comeback, even supposing she has yet to come to a decision on a idea or name track. If she is in a role tofree up her album in August as planned, it is going to exist a year since her mini album “A ,” which was released in August of closing year.

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