Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Hee-ae and Lee Mi-sook heats up the summer

Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Hee-ae and Lee Mi-sook heats up the summer

Beautiful heartelderly actresses are coming near this summer.

Jeon Do-yeon is coming back with tvN "The Excellent Wife", Kim Hee-ae is coming back with the SBS "The 2dClosing Love" and Lee Mi-sook is coming back with "Incarnation of Jealousy".

Jeon Do-yeon is back with "The Sensible Wife". Here's her first drama in 11 years. "The Nice Wife" is a remake of the common American drama. Kim Hye-jeong (Jeon Do-yeon), who surrender her task as a lawyer, has to come again up back as her a success husband and investigator Lee Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae) falls to the ground. She joins Search engine optimization Joong-won's (Yoon Kye-sang) law company and reveals her true self.

Jeon Do-yeon last starred in the 2005 drama "Lovers in Prague". She said, ""The Good Wife" script is astounding and I enjoyedthe complete thing about it. Prior to 1 used to position more weight in the characters and the relationships more than the story, yet "The Good Wife" has an easiertale than the characters".

Kim Hee-ae is back with "The Moment Last Love" as Kang Joo-min, a drama director. She co-stars with Ji Jin-hee in the role of Ko Sang-sik. This middle aged duo passin the process the second youth in lifestyles as a public employee who does notneedthe rest exciting to take place amongst his life and a drama director who needsanythinggoing down to occur.

Lee Mi-sook is coming back with "Incarnation of Jealousy" which is the tale of a macho reporter, weather reporter and a wealthy plutocrat falling asidebecause of romance and jealousy. The solid in "Incarnation of Jealousy" are Kong Hyo-jin, Jo Jeong-seok and Ko Kyeong-pyo. Lee Mi-sook takes at the part of Gye Seong-sook, a feminine news anchor who makes a stance in the newsroom where men overtake the scene.