Park Yoo-chun summoned for questioning

Park Yoo-chun summoned for questioning

Park Yoo-chun who is facing 4 counts of rape is being summoned as a suspect.

According to Gangnam Police, Park Yoo-chun is making an appearance at 6:30PM at the 30th. He'll existwondered and his DNA may bein comparison to the DNA discovered on a victim's underwear.

The police are made up our minds to be thorough about the investigations as he has been sued four times. The counter fees on the 'victims' by capability of Park Yoo-chun will be investigated separately.

The police said, "There is common sense in the statements of the accusers and we are doing the entirety nosotros can. We've got questioned the onesround the accusers as well, and all that is left is the wondering of the accused". On the televisiondisplay "PD Notes", the police said, "We plan on investigating the 5thgirl to. She did not sue him yet she's concerned with the case".

Park Yoo-chun used to be sued for rape on the 10th to the 17th. The primary accuser cancelled her rates on the 14th but the police wereproceeding their investigations because rape is a major crime in Korea.