Drama Review 'Doctors' Episode 4

Drama Review 'Doctors' Episode 4

Upon closer examination, it turns out that Hye-jeong has gotten a tad sour over the timeskip. Her temperament is as bad as it ever was, yet now she has the excuse of being a clinical professional. It issomething for Hye-jeong to mouth off opposed to belligerent gangsters. Fellow doctors are a other matter. Yoon-do (played byYoon Gyoon-sang) is obviously doing the maximum efficient he can, and it isn't fair for Hye-jeong to have this sort oflarge superiority complex.

"Doctors"is skirting dangerously just about wish fulfillment territory, even if equally of yet or not it'snow nottransparent where Hye-jeong's pro personality falls at the business between quirk and flaw. The shiny, sunny Hye-jeong is still very much a character, it's just we most effective always encounter her that way with Soon-hee, who is not a doctor. Hye-jeong also condescends relatively to the more junior doctors on staff. Lovable as those scenes are they areobviously indicative of a loss of mutual respect.

Which brings the tale back around to Ji-hong, who is unchanged through experience. I don'tbelieve this a excellent thing. Ji-hong's emblem of teacherly condescencion is irritating in its own way- he treats Seo-woo and Hye-jeong like they're still his students, without truly acknowledging that since they ultimate met Seo-woo and Hye-jeong have develop intoneatly established medical professionals. This, too, straddles the line between flaw and quirk, to the levelthat i am not trulycertain which way we areintended to be interpreting it.

AdvertisementThese inventivealternatives puzzle me. I do not especially would like to harp in general creepy teacher/student dynamic since that is all in the past, but it's lovelychallenging to overlook approximatelythat after Ji-hong insists on acting like he is silent Hye-jeong's teacher. Almost the minute Ji-hong steps off the helicopter he comes directly to Hye-jeong and I am simply thinking, uh, do you trulywish toget started off your tenure here by growingconceivable grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit? Later on he even manages to attack her.

I don't wish to sound too negative because really,"Doctors"is normally well made and stress-free to watch. The realmedical institutionpaintingsis extremely dynamic and tense- I love how the patients come off more as complications to be solved then people, because this isactually how the doctors see them. This in turn informs every doctor's skilled philosophy, which can be all defendable in their own ways. I needto peer more validbattle between these ideas. I don't need to see Hye-jeong at all times existappropriatejust because she's the key character.