Korean Longboard Sensation Ko Hyojoo Featured In Vogue

Korean Longboard Sensation Ko Hyojoo Featured In Vogue

Korean Longboard Sensation Ko Hyojoo Featured In Fashion vikimiki June 28, 2016 0 Korean Longboard Sensation Ko Hyojoo Featured In Vogue You will have already observed viral videos of longboard sensation Ko Hyojoo fluidly skating during the streets of Seoul. The app designer-slash-longboarder has wonpopularityall the style through Europe and Asia for her apparently effortless moves.

Now the Goyang local has been featured via Vogues online web page alongside an exclusive interview and a quick video titled Longboarding via Seoul. In the video, Hyojoo slides, twirls, and cruises along the parks and neighborhoods of Seoul whilstappearing off some elegant skater fashion: an orange knit jumpsuit, a blue best with blue striped pants, and a purple skort paired with a T-shirt – now and again with her signature striped tube socks.

While Hyojoo has traveled to Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, and Taipei to blow their own horns her signature moves, she maintains her day activity in Seoul. She works as a user interface fashion designer for the cellular messaging corporate Line, where she was oncea section of a team that advanced a selfie app called B612 (which we raved about ultimate week). The team won the prestigious Red Dot Award for their achievements in design.

But of course, shes easiestreferred to as Koreas maximum famous longboarders. On Instagram, she stocks longboarding videos to her 265,000 fansround the world.

In the interview, Hyojoo reveals that shes a relative newcomer to the sport, having began only two years ago. Trying to find an extracurricular activity to bring existence to her spare time, she bought a board at her local skate shop, and changed intoin an instant hooked from her first ride. She discusses some of her favourite moves, equivalent to the nollie-shuvit and the nose-manual, but says that we will have tonow notbe expecting her to turn pro anytime soon.

Hyojoo also addressed her newfound fame in a up to date Instagram post. She wrote, Its in point of fact awesome but I believe afraid too. I never expected it. Its in reality a sort of power on my longboard activity. Yet now I think like I may bein a position toexperience it! See what I'll be!

We will for sure existstaring at Ko Hyojoo!

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