“Oh Hae Young Again” Solid Says Farewell To Lovers  All over  Unfastened Hug Event

“Oh Hae Young Again” Solid Says Farewell To Lovers All over Unfastened Hug Event

Oh Hae Young BackSolid Says Farewell To LoversAll the style throughLoose Hug Tournament soojji June 28, 2016 0 Oh Hae Young Again Cast Says Farewell To Fans During Free Hug Event On June 28 the forged of tvN drama Oh Hae Young Again held a free hug event for fans at 6 p.m. at CGV Cheongdams MCUBE Corridor in Seoul. The general episode of Oh Hae Young Again aired at the same day. During the production press conventionearlier than the drama back in April, the cast promised that they would grasp a free hug event if the viewership ratings reached five percent. Keeping their word, the cast held the development after the filming of the eighteenth episode.

The event was once hosted through announcer Shin Ah Young and attended by Eric (Park Do Kyung), SEO Hyun Jin (Oh Hae Young), Ye Ji Won (Park Soo Kyung), Kim Ji Suk (Lee Jin Sang), Heo Young Ji (Yoon An Na), and Heo Jung Min (Park Hoon). Because of scheduling conflicts Jeon Hye Bin (Oh Hae Young) and Lee Jae Yoon (Han Tae Jin) were no longerin a position to attend.

The actors and actresses were capable ofexplicit their gratitude to fans with each hug they gave. Fans who ready gifts, were returned the choose by immediately seeing the warm smiles in theirfavourite actors.

During the event Eric stated, To think that as of late is the finish of the drama  it's farin reality bittersweet. I thank all and sundry who got here out to peer us.

Seo Hyun Jin also stated, It hasnt hit me yet that the drama has ended. I'mactually touched to get to fulfilland spot everyone. Even supposing we filmed all eveningultimate night, getting to meet the audience is energizing. Ive receivedadequatepower to feel like I can be able tomovie the drama from the startfar and wide again.

Kim Ji Suk added, We must have kept our promise earlier, yet we ended up doing the free hug event at the very end. Thank you for waiting. It is excellent to see all peopletaking phase in themselves. Thank you such a lot for your beneficiant support. I used to beready to spend every day on set become spent in happiness.

Oh Hae Young Again averaged 9.9 % in viewership ratings, peaking at 10.6 percent. This makes the drama the very bestrating Monday/Tuesday tvN drama thus far.

The eighteenth and ultimate episode aired at 11 p.m. KST on June 28. Watch the episode below!

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