Bring FTISLAND on your  town with MyMusicTaste

Bring FTISLAND on your town with MyMusicTaste

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter bringing popular SM Entertainment male group EXO to North The usprevious this year, MyMusicTaste has announced their collaboration with hit band FTISLAND

As with EXO, enthusiasts can bring popular FNC Entertainment band FTISLAND to their town for their next global concert thru MyMusicTaste by way of following just six simple steps. MyMusicTaste even brought the lads out to movie a video encouraging fans to make their own wish come true by stop wishing, and get started making!

To make your very own FTISLAND concert in a urbanclose to you, you bestwant toapply six effortless instructions:

Step 1) Consult with our website online

Step 2) Let us know about your song taste! Make a selection your favourite artist!

Step 3) Choose the city and country where you need to “Make!” the concert.

Step 4) Insert the volumeyou're willing to pay for the concert price ticket and click “Make!”

Step 5) Congratulations! You are now a TasteMaker!

Step 6) If more fans need it, the concert will turn into a reality. Invite your buddies and make your dream come true!

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