Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Talks About Friendship With Her Fans

Girls Generations Taeyeon Talks About Friendship With Her Lovers ehk38 June 27, 2016 0 Girls Generations Taeyeon Talks About Friendship With Her Fans On June 27, Women Generations Taeyeon hosted a reside countdown broadcast for her 2nd solo mini album Why on Naver V App.

During the broadcast, Taeyeon enjoys her time with fans as she interacts with them thru a chatroom and stocks behind-the-scenes reports of her time filming the track video in the United States.

The fans avidly send in their submissions to a suggested asking to supply an explanation for why they love Taeyeon in five words in Korean. There isn't any escape, My first singer, and Simply because its you're just one of the crucial submissions that demonstrate the affection fans have for Taeyeon.

Taeyeon also plays around with fans at the chatroom. When I checked the calendar, I learned Im going on 10 years since debut. I thought, thosethose that takeprecious me are truly my 10-year-long friends, she says about her fans.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon made her solo comeback on June 28 at the hours of darkness KST with the unlock of her mini album and the music video for name track Why.

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